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Angel Numner Necklace


Angel numbers are a synchronicity, or a meaningful coincidence—divine guidance from angels and the universe.

111 - INTUITION Trust your gut and listen to your heart.

222 - ALIGNMENT You are in the right place and time.

333 - SUPPORT Your spirit guides are with you.

444 - PROTECTION The universe and your spirit guides are protecting you.

555 - CHANGE Something new is coming.

666 - REFLECT Wake up to your higher spiritual truth.

777 - LUCK Wonderful things are about to happen

888 - BALANCE Everything is falling into place as it should be.

999 - RELEASE Let go of what is no longer serving you.


  • 18k Gold Filled
  • Smooth edges, well made, quality feel
  • Size: 31x11.8mm
  • Necklace Length:: 16'' with 2.2'' extension
  • Made in USA

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